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Kian Chiropractic is a full-service chiropractic treatment facility.

We offer traditional modalities to assess and treat the entire range of spinal conditions. At Kian Chiropractic, you can expect knowledgeable, courteous, professional service delivered by practitioners who continually stay informed about the latest developments and understandings in chiropractic care.


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  • Dr. Nima Kianfard

    Dr. Nima Kianfard is a graduate of Southern California University. He is passionate about chiropractic care and helping the community live a full and healthy life. He completed his clinical internship in the prestigious department of sports medicine and has treated several professional athletes. After working with several of Orange County's top physicians, Dr. Kianfard decided to open his own clinic in Irvine, CA and apply his knowledge to improve the quality of life for his patients. Everyone who walks into Kian Chiropractic care, regardless of income, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and political beliefs will be treated with absolute care and diligence. It is our privilege to serve. 

    'I don't want to see a patient 30 times with no results, my goal is to get you well and get you out of here.'

  • "I had Lower back for a few years and went to many chiropractors but they were only able to give me short time relief. Dr. Nima was different because his extensive knowledge of not only the bone structure but also the muscles. this year I was able to run seven spartan races. thank you so much Dr. Nima :)"
    Carmen F.
  • "Being a dentist I get a lot of back and neck issues most of the time because of my work. I sought Dr. Kian for my neck and back pain. I called and got appointment right away. I am so happy that he was Gentle and had great bed side manner. The adjustments he made helped me right away. I felt immediate relief even though it was hard for me to relax since I am usually in control. Dr Kian made me relaxed that he able to adjust me properly with confidence. I will definitely be back back. He also unlike some Doctors takes my insurance. Thank you so much Dr. Kian I appreciate you!"
    Samira S.
  • "I was suffering from back and neck pain for several years, Dr. Kianfard examined me and came up with a treatment plan based on my specific needs. I am pain-free since the treatment.I highly recommend Dr. Kianfard."
    Shk M.


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